About us

Annabel Bonten-Jennissen started the Life is Motion Osteopathy Practice in Son en Breugel and Eindhoven in 2012. By now she has two colleagues. They all started their career as a physiotherapist, and all three of them had a wish to be able to offer more to their clients. They went back to school and followed an Osteopathy training. They gained knowledge about anatomy, physiology and neurology, and learned to make connections between pain and the functioning of organs and the locomotor apparatus, among other things. Every year, they take extra training and refresher training courses in order to maintain their knowledge and to continue learning. “This is how we continue to grow as practitioners.”

Annabel, Ellen and Bob search for the cause
of your physical problems and stimulate the body to heal itself.

Annabel Bonten-Jennissen

Bob van den Enden