Each treatment starts with an extensive consultation. You choose an osteopath for your first appointment, but if we think a colleague can help you better, we’ll refer you to another osteopath in our practice.

Annabel, Ellen, Lindsey or Maikel will ask you questions about your symptoms, lifestyle, and health. Next, you will undergo a physical examination. During this examination, you can wear your underwear. We look at your posture and movement. Next, you will take a seat on the treatment table, where we will conduct a manual examination of how your joints, muscles, organs, connective tissue and membranes move. After this examination, we tell you what we can do for you. During the treatment, we use our hands to make gentle, mobilising movements that help your muscles and joints get supple again and improve circulation, nerve stimulation and lymphatic flow.

At the end of the first consultation, we will inform you of the options and estimate how many treatments are needed.

We are specialized in women’s health.

Our method

The treatment consists of soft and sometimes firmer techniques to restore the mobility of the various motion systems. This allows your body to heal itself and function without problems. By touching the body from the outside, we reach all kinds of tissues. During the treatment, your body may suddenly feel warm, and you may feel your stomach rumble or experience tingling.

Understanding the cause of your (chronic) symptoms

We provide insight into the cause of the symptoms so that you can start working on them at home, for example by doing daily exercises. You may also receive nutritional advice or advice to improve your lifestyle.

After-treatment effects

After the treatment, you may experience headaches and fatigue. Your symptoms may temporarily worsen, so we recommend that you take it easy after treatment and drink plenty of water. After two or three treatments, it will be clear whether osteopathy has the desired effect for you.

Children with GERD, reflux, excessive crying,
headache, stomach ache or earache?