Babies and children

Babies experience significant developments in a short period, growing fast and learning new skills at a fast pace. A complex pregnancy or difficult childbirth may affect the development and well-being of a child. For example, a breech delivery, vacuum extraction or Caesarean section can lead to a preferred posture, extreme crying, or over-stretching.

Toddlers and pre-schoolers may develop problems after a fall or illness. Children with pain can also be helped through osteopathy. Being in pain is hard, especially when you are young. Annabel, Ellen, Bob, Lindsey and Maikel are certified for and completed the specialisation ‘Osteopathy for babies and children’.

The treatment for children

As with adults, the consultation starts with an extensive interview. We discuss your child’s symptoms, growth, development, any diseases, surgical procedures, and so on. We actively involve toddlers and older children in this interview.

Next, the child undergoes a physical examination. During this examination, babies wear a diaper and their romper suit, older children wear their underwear. During the treatment, parents stay close to their child. How we examine and treat the child is child-specific. After all, a child is not a small adult.

During the treatment, we work with our hands. We use soft and safe techniques to create relaxation in the tissues that show loss of movement.

If you are bringing a baby for a consultation, please also bring a feeding, a dummy or a cuddle blanket/stuffed animal.
If your child is a little older, their favourite stuffed animal is always welcome on the treatment table.

Children with GERD, reflux, excessive crying,
headache, stomach ache or earache?

At the Life is Motion Osteopathy Practice in Son en Breugel and Eindhoven, we help babies with the following problems:

Flattened skull, Preferred posture, Colic, Extreme crying, Over-stretching, Reflux, Problems with breastfeeding or bottle drinking, Diarrhoea, Constipation, Ear, nose and throat problems, Sleep problems

Osteopathy can be used for older children with problems such as:

Asthma, Stomach ache, Bedwetting, Concentration problems, Eczema, Headache, Ear, nose and throat problems, Learning and behavioural problems, Motor development problems, Constipation, Earache, Scoliosis, Trouble sleeping, Growing pains